Beyond the Bento Box

Bento! I know this blog is called Beyond the Bento Box, but I fell in love with bentos when I visited Japan five years ago. I’ve been loosely following a Bento 101 Class and really enjoy the everything I’m learning. 

I usually make lots of food each to pack into tupperwares for my husband and I. This week, I used party leftovers! Popcorn chicken, steamed broccoli with honey mustard, and Italian hummus between two pieces of Naan bread (we couldn’t find pita bread). And two peaches that didn’t fit. 

For most lunches, I like to have one protein, one healthy carb, and one or two vegetables. And sometimes a fruit or dairy on the side. I’m quite lazy and don’t like to chop up fruit if I can just eat it whole. 

I may invest in some higher quality bento boxes in the future. And come the day I have kids of my own, I may engage them in the art of packing lunches and buy some cute lunch boxes!